SL-004H 110V/220V Súng bắn ion hóa chống tĩnh điện Máy khử tĩnh điện với máy phát điện áp cao SL-007

Product characteristics

1.Rapid neutralization of static electricity.

2.Large coverage area of ionic airflow.

3.Wide range of wind regulation.

4.Air gun has good grounding protection.

technical parameter

Service voltage: 4600V 50Hz

Consumption current: ≤350uA

air pressure: 40-70PSI

weight: 0.55kg Tape line

Operating temperature: 32oF(0oC)~122oF(50oC)

Airflow velocity: 10m/sec

Ozone volume: 0.003PPM (Before the wind gun6Inch measurement)



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