Important applications of the HHD . screwdriver bit

HHD screwdrivers are an increasingly popular product with many important applications. We invite you to learn more about the manufacturing industries where HHD screws are being used a lot today as well as the reasons why this product is increasingly popular in the market.

Important applications of the HHD . screwdriver bit

Screwdrivers are an important product that is used quite a lot in the auto parts manufacturing and assembling industries, the electric – electronics – refrigeration – civil electrical industries, the wood industry, etc. .

With such a wide popularity, there are many different types of screwdrivers on the market with a variety of types for multi-industry services. However, according to evaluations and surveys in Taiwan today, the most popular brand of screwdrivers today is HHD.– brand from Taiwan.

HHD screwdrivers are also widely used in many different industries. Especially, there are applications in the industrial electricity industry, the civil electricity industry, the wood industry.

So what makes HHD such a well-known brand and has such a strong position in the hearts of customers? Let’s find out the reasons through this article.

4 Reasons why HHD screwdriver bits are the most popular in Taiwan

The screwdriver bit is a product that often comes into direct contact with the screw to transmit the force from the screwdriver to the screwdriver, so the bad quality screwdriver bit will quickly wear out and break after only a few uses.

Choosing a good quality, durable HHD screwdriver will help customers save time as well as ensure work performance is always at the best level.

1. Guaranteed high durability

– HHD screwdriver bits are said to have the best hardness according to international standards (HRC 57±1 to 62±1), in HRC units on the RockWell C scale (HRC>60) with a hardness equivalent to the tip. metal drill

– Made from special materials with high hardness: Carbon, Silicon, Nickel, Chromium, Magnesium, Vanadium,… under strict supervision and testing during the selection process to enhance hardness and scratch resistance .

– In addition to meeting high durability, it must also ensure hardness such as: withstand very strong impact forces, not deform when tempered at high temperature, …

– With durable materials, HHD’s screws are calculated to have a life many times longer than similar products on the market. Durable life can help customers save significant costs, while not interrupting the working process

2. High accuracy guarantee

– HHD’s screwdriver bit has high precision, suitable for standard sizes of many types of screws and bolts available on the market today.

– HHD meets high accuracy thanks to modern 3D software to check the accuracy of each screwdriver before selling to the market

– During the screwing process, HHD screwdriver bits almost do not slip out compared to conventional screwdrivers under the impact of high speed thanks to the design that perfectly matches the screws and bolts.

3. Diversity of categories

HHD always tries to bring the most convenience to customers in the world by trying to develop diverse screw models. At HHD, there are many different types of products, meeting most of the market’s needs. Including 4 typical product groups including:

  • Industrial Bits
  • Precision Bits
  • Socket Bits
  • Others

HHD is always trying to develop a variety of screw bits

4. Top quality today

– HHD screwdriver bits are honored to receive many ISO certifications for quality, trusted by many units to choose and use in Taiwan

– Screwdriver products are meticulously researched through surveys of user needs to create the best quality and durable screwdriver bits for many different industries.

– Produced under a system of strict quality standards, strict processes ensure that the screw bits reach consumers are always the best.

– Before being produced on the market, all screwdriver bits are subjected to countless rigorous tests for size, hardness and torque.

HHD TOOLS – A reputable HHD brand screwdriver supplier

On the market today, there are many famous brands that produce screwdriver bits with a variety of designs and sizes. However, HHD screwdrivers are still the most appreciated brand by users because of the quality of each product they create. HHD is the number 1 screwdriver bit brand in Taiwan and the world’s leading.

HHD TOOLS has been a supplier of HHD screwdrivers for many years. Our products have been present in many units with many needs for different industries.

If you have any questions or need advice on choosing the right screwdriver bit, please contact HHD TOOLS for the fastest response.

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